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Since its inception in 2006, Rorcal has always sought pitch black darkness. The means to reach it have been diverse but share one constant: extremity. From the insane heaviness of their debuts, to the blasting dissonant malevolence they display on their recent albums, their takes on doom, black metal, industrial haunting soundscapes, drone & noise have all shown a strong & unique identity. After 5 full lengths and numerous collaborative splits, the band is about to release “Silence”, a new album on which the 5 musicians prove their constant dedication to the dark arts.


Rorcal by N. Schopfer


Hope is a chimera. It is an illusion that prevents us from embracing an obvious fact however luminous in its inevitability: we will soon be no more. There is no longer any horizon for us, nor any tomorrow.

Humanity is inexorably running towards its loss and will precipitate in its wake everything that made the world. No other trajectory is taking shape, or sketching out. There is nothing left to be saved. We will plunge into an abyss of oblivion, into this great twilight rising before us.

And when facing the certainty of collapse, there is nothing more hideous, more degrading, than hope. It is a lie. It blinds us, it suffocates us. It is a myth to destroy. Only then will we be able to accept the worst in everything. And cherish it.

Thus, when the very idea of hope finally disappears, only SILENCE remains.


2023 : Silence - 6th album

2023 : Heliogabalus & Prelude - Triple Vinyl Edition

2021 : Witch Coven - Split album W/ Earthflesh

2019 : Muladona – 5th Album

2016 : Creon – 4th Album

2015 : La Femme sans Tête – 10th years anniversary EP

2015 : Rorcal VS Process Of Guilt – Split Album

2014 : Vilagvege Live – W/ KKNull & Process Of Guilt

2013 : Vilagvege – 3rd Album

2012 : Rorcal VS Profond Barathre VS Malvoisie – Split EP

2011 : Rorcal VS Solar Flare – Split EP

2011 : Prelude to Heliogabalus – Split EP with Music for the Space

2010 : Heliogabalus – 2nd Album

2008 : Myrra, Mordvynn, Marayaa – 1st Album

2008 : Ascension - Split Album w/ Khelvin

2008 : Monochrome - Collaborative EP 

2007 : The way we are, the way we were, the way we will be - EP

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